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Marco Munari - MAR Co. (Uni Co).
Research and development. Technology consulting cutting edge services, ideas and solutions to enhanced private and public companies (Banks, Universities, research centers, special organizations).

Picture of Marco Munari My opinion entropy is:
- I trust nature.
- progress is due to perfect exceptions.
- Everything is different, but equal with approximation. I don't trust approximation.
- I use computers as functional logic of time instruments.

I practice reverse engineering on software, firmware, with math and logic knowledge, I learn/analize/know/predict hierarchically logic flow of {program, operating system, network systems}, great solutions are simple.

Occasionally I realize some utilities which someone use, you can see an old list here and a new one here

My usenet and mail .signature (see footer) is my real signature (mathematic
interpolation it's a simple application of reverse engineering).


y(t)=(1.4e^[-(3t-34.5)^2]+1-sgn[|t-8.5|-.5]*1.5*|sin(pi*t)|^[2e^(-(t-11.5)^2)+.5+e^(-(.6t-3.3)^2)])/(.5+t)+1 Warning: "Marco Munari" collisions in namespace exist. If interested download my e-mail address history/status/reccomandations. Saluti, MARco -- x(t),y(t) = th(3t-34.5)*e^[-(3t-34.5)^2]/2-4.3+e^(-1.8/t^2)/(.8*atg(t- 3)+2)(t-1.8)-.3th(5t-42.5),(1.4e^[-(3t-34.5)^2]+1-sgn[|t-8.5|-.5]*1.5* |sin(pi*t)|^[2e^(-(t-11.5)^2)+.5+e^(-(.6t-3.3)^2)])/(.5+t)+1 ; 0<t<14

PS: In case you are interested for professional works, I worked for Microsoft in Dublin for 7 years. I'm now founder of Munari Information Technology Consultancy and Network Development Solution., and my Resume/CV, My e-mail address is mar

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