Intelligence propellers:

  1. Unix enhanced firewall from the C and assembly programmer point of view (under development from 2003 to 2006), with optional extra functionalities (in modular and scalable mode we suggest to choose from the following:
    • firewall MM, OpenBSD based. OS fingerprint
      16384:64:1:60:M*,N,W0,S,T:              OpenBSD:3.8:mm-obsd:OpenBSD 3.8 (MunARi)
      explanation: the OS/fingerprint is the OS constant dependent pattern of TCP syn packet, I classify my OS as in OpenBSD class because: - it's based on OpenBSD TCP Stack with SackOK option packed in timestamp option, resulting 4 byte shorter (and a lighter and faster architecture independent code, by a critic reading of RFC 1323, comment: "the NOP aspect of Appendix A is not recommendable so the presence of NOP options is only valid as an example, the alignment of timestamp is the real recommendable aspect" --MARco Munari).
    • speedyweb (cache your local company ``browsing'' traffic)
    • network traffic scheduler and bandwidth balancing
    • mail server and antispam antivirus filter with enhancements in spamd technology and black listing. (to have it works fine, it has to be a dedicated service, something is under development, discouraged exept in case you want the cost effective afordable mail control)
    • centralized backup control and others dedicate services, such as IEEE802.11 secure networks design with intrusion and radar code detection)

    click to get the product start-up specifications [italian]

  2. information systems design (really wide meaning, wider than you can immagine: any desirable and possible software based automations [with a futuristic logical core])
  3. crypto related services to add security to security, currently under development
  4. analisis (skilled on problem solving)
  5. (software) data recovery/verify (if it heppen: unplug, STOP (be stable), if data is very very important (>50000$) you can call our reverse engineering master for a careful deterministic work)
  6. logo of logo by Marco Munari logo design think and design  L O G O, Marco Munari logo, advertising
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